私たちが取り組む感染症対策 -Infectious disease measures we undertake-*English below




















All accommodations operated by Staylink LLC are strengthening hygiene protocols in the building as part of measures against infectious diseases cause by the new corona virus. Specifically, in consideration for the health and safety of our guests and public health.

We are implementing and strengthening the following initiatives from the following three perspectives.

1. Instances of face-to-face contact

2. Disinfection/antibacterial

3. Prevention

1. Instances of face-to-face contact

During check-in

-The staff will always wear a mask during check-in.

-After check-in, all areas of reception will be sterilized with alcohol.

-We will use the accounting tray for all transactions.

2. Disinfection/antibacterial

Common areas

-We will wipe down all commonly touched areas such as doorknobs, desks, chairs, counters, slippers, etc. with a disinfectant

-When cleaning, we will use an alcohol spray to remove bacteria

Guest rooms

-Light switches, door knobs, air conditioner remote controls, etc will all be wiped with a disinfectant


-Ventilation during the day is performed as much as possible in both common areas and guest rooms

Management of hygiene for the amenities used

-We will replace all linens with new

-For hand towels we will switch to disposable towels

-We will replace plastic cups with disposable paper cups in the washrooms

-In other areas, we are strengthening hygiene and sanitization by adding disinfectants

3. Prevention

Guest Prevention

-Disinfectant is available at the reception

-Hard wash and gargle alerts are posted

Staff Hygiene Management

-Thorough daily checklist (temperature measured daily at work)

-Mandatory absense from work when body temperature is 37.5 degrees of higher

-If staff still has a cough or lack of taste after having a fever, they will not be allowed to work

-Thorough hand washing and gargling

-Constant hand disinfection when moving within the facilities (reception, staff room, guest room, etc)



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